One Step Closer!

One step closer! We know you're all excited for us to open and, believe us, so are we! Our first grain order from @bsgcraft arrived today and we now have lovely malts from Weyermann, Simpsons, OiO, and Rahr (some of our very favorites) on site. And hops (so many hops) too. Yeast from @escarpmentlabs is scheduled, so almost everything we need to brew is here! We're waiting on a few inspection to close out and we have a few final touches on our steam system to finish before the first big brew, but it's close... possibly as soon as next week! It'll take a few weeks from the first batchs of beer to go from grain to your glass, so that's the timeline for when we'll be open. Pushing for before the end of November! Keep sending good vibes so we can make some very tasty beer for you all soon!