Say hi!

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Say hi to Chris! Chris Conway is our, well, we’re calling him our General Manager (and co-owner), but really that means that he does a little of everything around the brewery from brewing with Christina, to delivering kegs, to setting up the taproom, to social media, to warehouse organizing, to sweeping, to… really a bit of everything. Chris is a passionate advocate for more beer and better beer in Newfoundland and has been writing about Newfoundland’s beer history for years over at Just this morning Chris was on the radio with Paddy Daly at VOCM talking about how amazing the next few years will be for Newfoundland beer for tourists and local drinkers (that should be up on later today!). As we round the corner and start looking at brewing our first batches later this month, Chris is looking forward to less sawing, nailing, painting, and piping and more talking to you all about the beer we’ll be offering at Landwash Brewery!