Set in stone



Set in stone. Brewery equipment is heavy stuff, especially when filled with hundreds of liters of beer. One of our first big jobs has been preparing our “brewery pad” where our tanks and brewhouse will live. Dave from Pro-Concrete & Restoration LTD has been working with us since before we took possession of our building at 181 Commonwealth to make sure our concrete is done right, right from the start. Featuring a lovely trench drain down the middle (installed by the folks of King’s Plumbing and Heating), this pad will be used for all of our brewing, cleaning, and packaging for the first few years of Landwash Brewery. In about a month, when it’s all set, Dave will be back to cover it in durable red epoxy which will protect it from all the acids and caustics we use to clean our tanks. Lots of work ahead of us still, but it’s easier with a good floor below.