What's Brewing?

What’s Brewing? While we’re not open yet (just a few things to close out still) we have begun brewing (these are young, uncarbonated beers pictured) and should have beer for you all very soon. But, you ask, what beers will make up the Landwash Brewery opening lineup? Glad you asked! Our first four beers (hopefully all ready for our opening) will be our “That Much Ocean” New England IPA, “One Wave” Blonde Ale, “Hazures’ Rock” Breakfast Stout with @jumpingbeancoffeeTanzanian beans, and “Brackish” Sour Ale with Newfoundland Sea Salt (our take on a Gose featuring @newfoundlandsaltcompanysalt). Before Christmas we’re hoping to round that out with our “Home and Away” American Pale Ale and – we’re really excited for this one – “Smiling Land” Lagered Ale (our take on the classic German Kolsch). We’ve got so many more ideas and beers to share, but those six are the first up in the lineup for 2018. We’re scrambling to get the first four ready for opening, with the other two to follow before year end. Now, back to it… #nlcraftbeer

Join the Team!

Join the team (we're hiring)! So far Landwash Brewery has been managed and built by just the three of us: our GM Chris, our Head Brewer Christina, and our mentor and engineering mastermind Jennifer Defreyne. As we get out of this building stage (finally!) we're going to need some help serving beer and slinging cans. That's where you come in! We're hiring for taproom and retail positions (no brewing side positions at this moment, sorry). Beer knowledge and excitement are paramount, as is a background in serving and hospitality. As we're opening soon (later this month or early December) and the colder months are upon us, we're starting with our limited winter hours and will be expanding them over the next few months. Want to be part of a growing brewery team that loves good vibes and great hospitality and tasty beer? Send your resume to info@landwashbrewery.com! We'll be rounding all of the resumes up over the next week and starting interview call backs in the later half of next week.

Almost Open...

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.18.36 AM.png

Thank you for your patience! Not only is the construction on Commonwealth Avenue by the @cityofmountpearl almost done, but, as luck would have it, our brewery construction is wrapping up around the same time. Hopefully the next time @SeanPantingwrites a song for @sjmorningshow#PantingUnderPressure about Commonwealth it's about how nice it is to drive down the finished avenue to grab a growler (or cans!) or how smooth the cab ride is from our taproom after a night of enjoying some beers. Keep an eye on the construction sign: when its countdown ends, ours will be close behind... baring any delays, of course!

One Step Closer!

One step closer! We know you're all excited for us to open and, believe us, so are we! Our first grain order from @bsgcraft arrived today and we now have lovely malts from Weyermann, Simpsons, OiO, and Rahr (some of our very favorites) on site. And hops (so many hops) too. Yeast from @escarpmentlabs is scheduled, so almost everything we need to brew is here! We're waiting on a few inspection to close out and we have a few final touches on our steam system to finish before the first big brew, but it's close... possibly as soon as next week! It'll take a few weeks from the first batchs of beer to go from grain to your glass, so that's the timeline for when we'll be open. Pushing for before the end of November! Keep sending good vibes so we can make some very tasty beer for you all soon!

Say hi!

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.17.31 AM.png

Say hi to Chris! Chris Conway is our, well, we’re calling him our General Manager (and co-owner), but really that means that he does a little of everything around the brewery from brewing with Christina, to delivering kegs, to setting up the taproom, to social media, to warehouse organizing, to sweeping, to… really a bit of everything. Chris is a passionate advocate for more beer and better beer in Newfoundland and has been writing about Newfoundland’s beer history for years over at newfoundlandbeer.org. Just this morning Chris was on the radio with Paddy Daly at VOCM talking about how amazing the next few years will be for Newfoundland beer for tourists and local drinkers (that should be up on vocm.com later today!). As we round the corner and start looking at brewing our first batches later this month, Chris is looking forward to less sawing, nailing, painting, and piping and more talking to you all about the beer we’ll be offering at Landwash Brewery!

Tank Farm

Tank farm! Our cellar vessels from @dmebrewing have arrived and been added to our growing brewpad. These tanks are where we will be letting specially chosen yeast strains consume a lovely but sugary blend of water, malts, grains, and hops (brewed in our brewhouse we received before) to produce our beer. It's a little like cooking meets farming; where our brewhouse is the kitchen, the cellar is the ranch. These six tanks (four 15 bbl, one double sized 30 bbl, and one 15 bbl conditioning vessel) can hold over 25,000 tallcans of beer at once! Things are progressing towards all that potential beer being brewed, but still a lot of work ahead.


Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 10.16.34 AM.png

Glasses! Our first shipment of glasses and growlers just arrived from @jymline and we just couldn't wait to fill them with beer. While we're still weeks away from brewing our first batches we grabbed some beers that show some of the flavours and colours we'll be filling them with; in this case @collectivebrew Rhyme & Reason Pale Ale, @muskokabreweryShinnicked Stout, and @peibrewingcompany Raspberry Sour (in our adorable little sample glass). Glasses and growlers will be availabe for sale later in the fall once we've got some beer of our own to put in them!