Landwash Brewery is a craft brewery located in Mount Pearl Newfoundland

Landwash Brewery opened in December 2018 at 181 Commonwealth Avenue in the city of Mount Pearl in the Avalon Metro Region of Newfoundland. We brew flavour-forward beers inspired by modern American craft beer and serve it in our beer-hall style taproom where you can also grab some food from Saucy Mouth Food Truck.

Our taproom has a capacity of roughly fifty people.  Saucy Mouth Food Truck  is located near the back of the building and offer a range of amazing foods to eat in the taproom!

Our taproom has a capacity of roughly fifty people. Saucy Mouth Food Truck is located near the back of the building and offer a range of amazing foods to eat in the taproom!


Order at the bar, share a table, and enjoy. Our taproom has a capacity of 48 people and serves all of our beer as well as rotating guest taps from our favourite Newfoundland Craft Breweries as well as Kombucha from The St. John's Fermentary. Food is available from Saucy Mouth Food Truck who are located within our building at 181 Commonwealth Ave, Mount Pearl. Our hours are listed on the side of this page.

About our Retail

Our retail shop currently has the same hours as our taproom. We sell cans of all of our beers (when available) as well as growlers, hats, toques, t-shirts, glasses, and hoodies for you to take home. We do not currently offer any online ordering.

About the people of Landwash

Landwash Brewery has three co-owners, Jennifer Defreyne (owner), Christina Coady (our head brewer) and Chris Conway (our General Manager). Chris and Christina are both Newfoundlanders who cut their teeth brewing up in Toronto, while Jen is from Ontario and worked extensively as a project engineer in Newfoundland, where she fell in love with this province. We share lots of stories about the ownership and operations team as well as our enthusiastic staff on our social media, so follow along!

Follow along

Follow us along on our social media on facebook, instagram, and twitter to see what’s happening at the brewery and find out about new beer releases before they happen. Have a question or media inquiry? Please use the contact us form located on this webpage.

Minors in the taproom

As many of you know, we have been working with the NLC to get clarification on minors in the taproom as the legislation in Newfoundland regarding this isn’t the most modern. We have received explicit authorization from the NLC to allow minors in our taproom going forward under the following, exact conditions: “minors permitted from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm with parent or guardian to have a meal.” As a taproom operating in Newfoundland we are considered a “lounge” which means we are governed by the same terms a bar downtown would be. As we now have @saucymouthtruck, the NLC has granted this exception explicitly “based on the food truck being there.” This means bags of chips or outside food is not considered being at the brewery for a “meal” as they would not grant this condition to us without the food truck being here. We have asked about babies, but the NLC has confirmed, explicitly, that it is for the purposes of “having a meal.” Going forward we will be allowing children (of eating age) into the taproom to eat food from @saucymouthtruck while you have a beer until 8:30 pm. We know (and the NLC knows) this is not the perfect solution. The NLC is in charge of enforcing current legislation, not changing legislation. If you think this step is not enough, please reach out to your local MHA and ask for a review of this legislation and ask for “a taproom designation for local craft breweries” that is more inclusive, especially for tourists traveling with children below eating age. For now, we will only be allowing minors in our taproom for a meal from @saucymouthtruck until 8:30 pm.



181 Commonwealth Avenue
Mount Pearl
Newfoundland and Labrador
A1N 4L3

Hours (Taproom + Retail)

Wednesday 4 PM - 10 PM
Thursday 4 PM - 10 PM
Friday 3 PM - 11 PM
Saturday 12 PM - 11 PM
Sunday 12 PM - 8 PM



At Landwash Brewery we brew a range of modern American interpretations of classic and emerging beer styles. We offer products to drink in our taproom, in kegs to select restaurants and bars, and in growlers and cans to take home to consume. We are currently working to get our production to a point where all of these are always available in all formats, but for now the below list of availability shows what we have available in each format.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.04.30 PM.png

That Much Ocean

New England IPA (6.2% alc/vol)

Inspired by the cloudy, hazy beers of New England, That Much Ocean is loaded with Azacca and Mosaic hops for a juicy aroma of orange and tropical fruits without the bitterness you might expect from a British or West Coast IPA.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.04.40 PM.png

Hazures Rock

Breakfast Stout (7.3% alc/vol)

Brewed with oats and featuring Jumping Bean’s Tanzanian Roast Coffee, Hazures’ Rock (pronounced hay-jers) is roasty and smooth with notes of chocolate and dried fruit. Named after the “Hare’s Ears” rock formation in Branch, NL.



Sour Ale w/Newfoundland Sea Salt (4.8% alc/vol)

Featuring the beautiful sea salt from Newfoundland Salt Company, Brackish is our interpretation of a German Gose (pronounced gose-ah), a tart and refreshing wheat ale. Instead of the traditional coriander, we’ve used Citra hops to add more bight lemony and orange aromatics.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.04.35 PM.png

One Wave

Blonde Ale (4.8% alc/vol)

Our go-to beer after a long brew day, One Wave use our favorite Old World hops – Czech Saaz and French Strisselspalt – to create light citrus and spice notes that make for an easy drinking but flavourful blonde ale.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.04.46 PM.png

Home and Away

American Pale Ale (5.6% alc/vol)

The story of many of our lives in Newfoundland is divided between time at home on the island and away on the mainland. Our tribute to the stalwart style of the American craft beer tradition, Home and Away showcases American Cascade and Citra hops to create a classic orange and grapefruit hop profile.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.04.51 PM.png

Smiling Land

Lagered Ale (4.5% alc/vol)

Inspired by German Kölsch, Smiling Land is our lagered ale. Much like a cream ale, this beer was fermented warm using yeast from our friends at Escarpment Labs, lightly hopped with Czech Saaz and German Saphir for notes of spice and citrus, and then lagered for a clean, crisp finish.




As we work to get our production to the point where all brands are always available, please consult this table to see what brands are available in each format.

Growlers (glass) are $13 for the large glass and $9 for the small glass.

Field to Flight and Home and Away cans are $4.50/473 mL. One Wave, Field to Flight, and Home and Away Growlers are $9 for the small and $17.99 for the large.

That Much Ocean and Hazures Rock cans are $4.98/473 mL. That Much Ocean, Another Shore, and Hazures Rock growlers fills are $9.99 for the small and $18.99 for the large.

Dream Island #2 cans are $5.49/473 mL. Guava Brackish and Dream Island #2 growler fills are $10.99 for the small and $19.99 for the large.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 8.35.46 AM.png

Our Merchandise

We do not currently have gift cards (in progress) and we do not support online ordering for merchandise at this moment. Listed prices include tax.

Baseball Cap, $20

Toque, $20

T-Shirt $25

Zip-up Hoodie, $65

Snifter Glass, $8

Shaker Glass, $8

Sample Glass, $5

Can Koozie, $5

Sticker, $1



We sell our growlers in both sizes (0.95L and 1.89L, we just call them big and small growlers here). Our growler price is not a deposit on the glass it is a final sale and we do not take growlers back for a refund. Once you buy it, you own it and you can take the very best care of it for a long life of use. Because we only sell growlers, we will fill any growler with a marked volume that conforms to the two sizes we have approved pricing for from the NLC (the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation). We reserve the right to refuse to fill a growler that isn’t clean to our standards (as listed on our growler, rinse the growler with warm water once it’s empty and let it dry without the lid which is disposable and will be replaced next fill). Before we fill your growler we will rinse it with cold water and fill it with the beer of your choosing. Be sure to check out availability as not all beers sold at the taproom are always available for growler fills. Due to concerns with filling we do not currently fill or service GrowlerWerks growlers.



Not from around here?

Here are a few ways to find us from downtown St. John’s or from all points west of here. We’re on the upper part of Commonwealth, close to the highway and the iconic Orange Store. We have a big sign, so we’re kinda hard to miss! While much of Newfoundland is vast, we’re very close to it all in the heart of the North East Avalon, Mount Pearl.

The Direct Route from Downtown

The Pitts Memorial Drive Highway that exits downtown is by far the fastest way to get to Landwash Brewery from Downtown St. John’s. A quick ten minute drive from the start of the highway downtown will take you to the Commonwealth Avenue turn off to Mount Pearl. Simply exit there and take a right onto Commonwealth Avenue. Continue past the lights and the iconic Orange Store and you’ll find us on that same side of the street next to the Mount Pearl Auto King.

The scenic Route from Downtown

Felling like a drive past historic houses, a beautiful park, and the best little local farm? This is the route for you! If you are on Water Street in St. John’s (perhaps visiting Yellowbelly Brewery) you simply need to continue driving west. This will take through the developing Water Street West district and onto Waterford Bridge Road where you’ll wind past some of the nicest heritage homes in St. John’s. Then it’s past Bowering Park where the road becomes Brookfield Road and the houses space out into farmland. There you’ll find Lesters’ Farm which showcases some of the best produce grown in Newfoundland. A few minutes past there you’ll reach the first traffic lights you’ll have seen since downtown St. John’s where you turn right onto Commonwealth Avenue (again, at the Orange Store). Continue for a minute on Commonwealth Avenue and we’ll be on your right, next to the Mount Pearl Auto King.

From All points West

If you’re coming in from an excursion around the bay all you need to do it turn off the Trans Canada Highway at the Pitts Memorial (follow signs for Downtown St. John’s) and then exit at the Commonwealth Avenue interchange. Turn left onto Commonwealth and continue past the lights and the Orange Store. We’re just past the intersection on the right.

Or if you’re taking a drive down the Irish Loop through the Goulds, you can just keep on Highway 3, the Robert E. Howlett Memorial Drive, which will turn into Commonwealth Avenue.



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